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Grace Fellowships of Oregon

Join Us

Sunday's Mornings 

 @ 11:00 am 

Thursday's Mid-Week Bible Study @ 1:30 pm

Coming Soon!

a Daily Dose of Joy Podcast 


@ 6:00 am 

Sharing the Grace of God - Rightly Divided


Grace Fellowships of Oregon

Grace Fellowships of Oregon is a network of like-minded believers throughout the Pacific Northwest! Our desire is to see all men saved and come unto the knowledge of the truth!

We do that through our 

Weekly and Daily times of Bible Study!

We believe that we are to study God's word dispensationally and to understand that one needs to study God's word rightly divided from a King James Bible!

We today our members of the Church the Body of Christ and Grace Fellowships desires to be a Helper of your Joy!

Weekly Broadcasts

Weekly broadcasts on Sunday Mornings is designed to help the believer to grow and truly understand what it means to live the Grace Life!

Mid-Week Bible Study

The Mid-week Bible Study is designed to help the believer grow in Grace. If you want to become a student of God's word, join us each week as we discover God's word and see the word come alive and so that you can enjoy the word of God for yourself!

Daily Podcast

Monday - Friday

 we have  "A Daily Dose of Joy," which will start out your day, with a time of devotion and music. Nothing starts your day better than with a cup of coffee and a few moments in the word of God designed to enrich

the daily life of the believer.

Coming Soon!

Look, We are all going somewhere - The Question is who are you Connecting With in getting There?  It is far better Not to travel Alone through Life! That's where Grace Fellowships of Oregon comes into your Life! Join us and 

You will be glad you Did!


There is Many ways to Connect with us